Arrested narratives for individuals can transform to an arrested development of an entire community. For this reason we hold the process of communication and storytelling as a human right as well as pillar of health.’


#MeWeIntl’s mission is to provide communications tools that enable every individual to unlock their agency, reframe their narratives, and author the future.


Arrested narratives are liberated across the world; and inequality in representation is replaced by empowered voices and diverse perspectives that further healing, agency, and equality through culture change.

Theory of Change

If individuals reclaim agency with how they communicate within themselves and with each other, then those individuals and their communities can improve their psychological wellbeing and leadership skills in ways that will further equality and representation through cultural engagement.

What we Believe

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape how we treat ourselves, each other, and our world. But forces seemingly beyond our control have trained us to believe that external narratives are truer and more powerful than those created within. 

We are committed to the belief that every individual has the right to author and reframe the narratives they live and operate in. The #MeWeIntl method and training network equips people with communications tools to break down silence and isolation, spark healing and hope, and exercise agency and leadership that will transform their world.

wHO wE aRE

#MeWeIntl is a global network of artists, program developers, community facilitators, and scientists who for over 10 years, across 15 countries, innovate communications interventions that enable individuals to transform themselves, so they can transform the world.

What We Do

In partnership with communities and experts from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, art, and programs development— we’ve developed a methodology that shares the tools every person needs to better communicate with themselves and the world around them.

Currently, #MeWeIntl is working with community organizations and Syrian refugee youth and caregivers on our #MeWeSyria programs in Zaatari refugee camp and Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, and refugees across 8 cities in Turkey, Lebanon, and Germany.

#MeWeIntl is leading its #MeWeHonduras and #MeWeMexico work closely with community organizations and youth leaders navigating violence, poverty, and migration in Honduras and Mexico.
In the United States, #MeWeIntl is collaborating with human rights organizations, HBCUs, and juvenile justice institutions in Washington D.C., SW Georgia, and North Texas supporting vulnerable minority groups, asylum seekers, and incarcerated youth.