Our in person and virtual services prioritize co-creation with local partners and community members, gradually leading to community ownership of our programs through a carefully customized process.

These services share one focus: reshaping narratives for remodeling a world where healing, agency, and representation are exercised by all.
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Communities of Practice
Who: NGOs, Community Leaders, Peacebuilders, Education Networks, International Organizations

How: #MeWeIntl’s most common model is working with local community organizations and NGOs where #MeWeIntl’s core team lead multiple two to five-day of trainings for trainers. The series of trainings, led by #MeWeIntl over the course of one to one and half years—can be customized for staff, community facilitators, and youth leaders/caregivers. Our interactive training models activate networks of practice from within the community with an understanding of the #MeWeIntl methodology, and equip them with tools and actions for community mobilization and facilitation of #MeWeIntl’s customized programming to their peers. Trainings include specialized follow-up sessions on self-care, monitoring and evaluation, storytelling, and facilitation skills-building. 

Direct Service Workshops
Who: Youth, Caregivers, Community Workers, Educators, Health-Workers, Business Leaders, and Social Entrepreneurs.

How: In addition to cultivating communities of practice in our methodology, #MeWeIntl also directly leads short term workshops for youth, social entrepreneurs, private-sector companies, non profit-organizations, and educators. Workshops, which can be customized to be anywhere between a half-day to 3 days, focus on the science of storytelling, neuro-education, narrative structures, writing, and public speaking. Our facilitators engage participants in communications practices that support leaders or community activists’ with perspective-taking and goal-setting tools, and opens up pathways that connect communication skills-building to empathy, psychological wellbeing, agency, and community engagement. 

Communication + Storytelling

Speaking Engagements
#MeWeIntl’s founder, its core team, and global facilitators are passionate and compelling storytellers who are able to connect audiences and networks to lived experiences of loss, injustice, failure, resilience, triumph, learning, and positive transformation. Connect with the #MeWeIntl organization today if you would like one of our heroes to speak at your panel or event. 

Community-led exhibitions and productions
#MeWeIntl believes in the transformative and healing power of participatory community arts engagements and community-led gatherings. Whether through short films, billboards/murals, independently published stories, or public exhibitions, #MeWeIntl global network of storytellers, artists, and activists are ready and eager to mitigate inequality in representation, and move culture forward.
Curricula and Program Development
#MeWeIntl’s core team and network of scientists, artists, and community programmers can engage with a local organization or institution to co-create curricula that addresses a lesson topic or social challenge through the interactive lens of #MeWeIntl’s communications methodology. 


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The tools of inequality live in language. But so do the tools for equality. #MeWeIntl mitigates the inequality in narratives that persist across all culture systems.


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Past Projects




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countries served

Austria & Greece

In Austria and Greece, #MeWeIntl co-designed and co-facilitated 2.5 day workshops for 20-30 social entrepreneurs from across Europe. The customized workshops supported social entrepreneurs with tools and experiences to elevate their community messaging, unleash their personal changemakers journeys, and improve their writing and public speaking.

Direct Service Workshops

U.S. State Department

As part of a grant with the U.S. State Department in 2018, #MeWeIntl were tasked to directly lead multiple three-day workshops to groups of 30-60 youth leaders across five countries. Each workshop in each country was customized to address a pressing social issue: Moldova-Corruption, Tajikistan-Countering Violence, Mexico Gender-Based-Violence, Honduras-Migration, Ecuador-Inequality.  

Direct Service Workshops

Washington, D.C. & Georgia

Beginning in 2021, #MeWeIntl are leading a series of 2.5 hour workshops to at-risk and vulnerable youth being incarcerated or detained in Washington D.C through a pro-bono partnership with the District of Columbia’s Youth and Rehabilitation Services.

Also in 2021, through a partnership with Historical Black College & University Albany State University in Georgia, #MeWeIntl are engaging underrepresented youth and community members in South West Georgia on a new #MeWeGeorgia program to improve adolescent health in the region.

Direct Service Workshops

Communities of Practice

Since 2015, #MeWeIntl have trained and activated more than 70 Syrian refugee facilitators for the #MeWeSyria program across 4 countries. These heroes engaged in multiple training of trainer session on how to facilitate the #MeWeSyria program, media making, self-care, and monitoring and evaluation. The #MeWeSyria community facilitators have led the program to more than 4,000 refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Germany. Beginning in 2018, these training models are being utilized for youth, activists, and women’s groups in Mexico and Honduras who are leading #MeWeMexico and #MeWeHonduras community programs. 


"Thank you for such an inspiring training session. Our team could just not stop taking about you and they are all very inspired and energized."

Education and Public Engagement Program Officer, Aga Khan Museum

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