The initial pilot began as a direct service community training of 5 days for more than 60 Mexican youth leaders and community activists from across the country. As a result of the program, youth leaders were able to, for the first time, understand the connection between communication and mental health, and communication and behavioral change. Many shared their stories and perspectives about how migration, natural disasters, gender based violence, and gang violence are impacting their lives.

Many of the 60 Mexican youth leaders from the 2018 pilot—such as #MeWeMexico leaders Coral and Ale—-went on to lead their own #MeWeMexico community sessions for children, university students, and survivors of domestic violence, reaching more than 300 people in their own communities, peer to peer in 2018. 

Similar to #MeWeHonduras, the impacts from the #MeWeMexico direct service pilots in 2018 have carried over into today. Since 2019, #MeWeIntl continues to engage local partners and train new groups of Honduran trainers with the #MeWeIntl methodology and tools. As of 2021, more than 8 Mexican community trainers are now leading #MeWeMexico virtually and in-person to hundreds of more youth and caregivers in Teotihucan and Tlaxcala, thanks to funding from Community Arts Labs and Quiet. 

#MeWeIntl is honored to continue the growth and innovation of the program with partner Tejiendo un Sueno AC, led by Sandra Ruiz, and are grateful to local women leaders Coral and Ale for keeping #MeWeMexico moving within the community since 2018.

#MeWeIntl continues cultivating its partnerships with the goal of transitioning #MeWeMexico to community ownership by 2023 with its youth leaders.


in grants funded to individuals and partners in Mexico.


program participants from 2018-21


trained local facilitators

“The #MeWeIntl program has had a great impact on my daily life, I learned to meditate and communicate with my body, appreciate my body, listen to it and be grateful to it, this helped me find my inner peace; On the other hand, it helped me to see different situations from another perspective, as well as to explore and expand my imagination, also to listen to different points of view, meet new people and their way of seeing life, and also allowed me to know from another perspective to someone I already knew, I liked it a lot and this program contributed a lot to my life. “

— Valeria #MeWeMexico, participant 2020


Tejiendo un Sueño AC
An organization that has focused for more than nine years on integrally influencing support for social groups in situations of vulnerability, violence and marginalization in the State of Mexico, particularly women, they are supported in aspects such as health, job training, human development, home economics, self-esteem, entrepreneurial culture, attention to violence, training in sustainable development, legal and psychological advice; business culture and community organization diplomas; We provide educational services from literacy, primary, secondary, high school and computing. We develop various campaigns with schools such as "For a courtship without violence" "Building a world of equality" "Pink wave against violence" "Voices for Equity".

Being a social development center that promotes equal opportunities, which provides social guidance , human development, health, education and training for work to vulnerable sectors in order to improve their living conditions. Weaving a Dream A.C. puts at your service, lawyers, psychologists, doctors, teachers and professionals to provide a range of quality services in support of the most vulnerable sectors of society. Its action plan is to promote comprehensive human development to help solve their most urgent needs, seeking to influence various dimensions in the cultural, economic, social and political.



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