#MeWeIntl Latin America Programs began in Honduras in 2018 with the support of ‘The Collaboratory’, part of the State Department’s Education and Cultural Affairs Bureau.

The initial pilot began as a direct service community training of 4 days for more than 24 Honduran youth leaders from Porgreso and San Pedro Sula. As a result of the program, youth leaders were able to, for the first time, understand the connection between communication and mental health, and communication and behavioral change. Many shared their stories and perspectives about how migration, inequality, and poverty are impacting their lives. Many of the 24 Honduran youth leaders from the 2018 pilot went on to lead their own #MeWeHonduras community sessions, reaching more than 100 people in their own communities, peer to peer.

The impacts from the direct service pilots in 2018 have carried over into today, thanks to local artists and leaders like Absalon who helped launch #MeWeHonduras in 2018 and continues to lead #MeWeHonduras in his community today. Since 2019, #MeWeIntl continues to engage local partners and train new groups of Honduran trainers with the #MeWeIntl methodology and tools where communications and narrative interventions support individual mental health, agency, and community change. As of 2021, more than 9 Honduran community trainers are now leading #MeWeHonduras virtually and in-person to hundreds of more youth and caregivers in Progreso and San Pedro Sula, thanks to funding from Community Arts Labs and Quiet. 

#MeWeIntl is honored to continue the growth and innovation of the program with partners, Fundación Honduras Social and Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE). 

#MeWeIntl continues cultivating its partnerships with the goal of transitioning #MeWeHonduras to community ownership by 2023 with its youth leaders.

Since 2018, #MeWeIntl has funded more than 20,000 USD to partners and community organizations in Honduras.


in grants to local partners and community organizations.


participants from 2018-21


trained community facilitators

“This program has made a grand impact on my everyday life, I learned how to meditate and communicate with my body, care for my body and be grateful to it. This has helped me find my internal peace.  It helped me see from other perspectives’ and diverse situations; how to explore, increase, and improve my imagination and also to listen to different points of view. To know new people in the way they see life and also allowed me to know those that I already knew in a way with a new perspective. I am grateful for how this program has supported me.”

— Honduras participant of Virtual Hub, July 2020


Fundacion Honduras Social
A non-profit organization that seeks a real inclusion in our society through our different programs that are designed to provide educational, employment and development opportunities to the most vulnerable population of Honduras such as people with disabilities, women and children. It was founded by Karen Madrid, mother of a son with Asperger's Syndrome (mild autism), dedicated since 2011 to the fight for the educational, labor and social inclusion of children and young people with disabilities due to the exclusion and discrimination that she experienced with her son by the educational centers and society, recognized the lack of opportunities that exist for people with disabilities in Honduras.
Organization for the Youth Empowerment
OYE was founded in 2005 in El Progreso, Honduras with the vision of creating a society where young people have a voice and knowledge that positively influence both their lives and their community. The programming hosts activities and training that focus on education, empowerment, engagement and leadership. In 2018, a group of young people from OYE participated in the #MeWeIntl 'hubs', which had a positive impact, increasing their leadership capacity. As a result of these initiatives, youth continued to share #MeWeIntl hubs with others, increasing the demand and need to scale #MeWeIntl in the region. The OYE has offered to support the sustainability of #MeWeIntl with its youth through a formal partnership in which they will receive #MeWeIntl funds from February 2020 to June 2020 as sub-grantees to support with space, resources, #MeWeIntl events and hubs led by identified youth.


Community Arts Lab


U.S. State Department



Hear from #MeWeHonduras  Participants