#MeWeIntl equips individuals, organizations, and communities with communications and storytelling tools to advance psychological wellbeing, leadership skills, and social change.

#MeWeIntl Curricula

Exercises and sessions are designed to explore the science of communication and storytelling, non verbal and somatic exercises that promote interoception and emotion regulation, neuro-education, mental health and psychosocial support, and explorations in narrative structures that promote perspective-taking and goal-setting. 

#MeWeIntl core curricula (24-30 hours of in-person sessions) #MeWeIntl virtual curricula (12-14 hours of virtual sessions)#MeWeIntl alumni curricula

#MeWeIntl core curricula (24-30 hours of in-person sessions)
#MeWeIntl virtual curricula (12-14 hours of virtual sessions)
#MeWeIntl alumni curricula

Facilitator Toolkits

Facilitators’ toolkits are companion pieces to the curricula which enable community members trained by #MeWeIntl to facilitate and lead the program to their peers. Toolkits for facilitators contain deeper scientific and educational resources on technical science and communications topics related to the #MeWeIntl methodology. Toolkits for facilitation include frame-ups, and step by step guides for how to safely and effectively lead each #MeWeIntl exercise, and utilize communications skills-building as a tool for healing, agency, and social change.


Self-Care Toolkits

One of our key learnings in scaling community-led approaches for communication and healing is that communities of practice from diverse backgrounds require networks, spaces, and more culturally-relevant tools for self-care. Leadership, and holding space for people to reconnect with themselves and each other carries a heavy weight for the facilitator over time. With this mind, #MeWeIntl teamed up with psychologists to build community-informed tools for self care centered on self-love, self-awareness, and self-protection.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Stories are data points. And tools promoting communication and storytelling can also shed light on how an individual’s behaviors, attitudes, relationships, and health can be impacted by words, dialogue, and expression. Throughout each #MeWeIntl location, #MeWeIntl has worked with experts to localize various quantitative and qualitative data gathering tools that can be facilitated by community members.


Our development is never in isolation, we are always influencing each other. This helps explain that influence is not just inward, but outward. This impacts and informs the creation and evolution of each of our tools.

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