#MeWeIntl Global

In the past decade, #MeWeIntl has partnered with over 10 partners across 15 countries.

Aga Khan Museum (AGM)

AGM invited #MeWeIntl to facilitate a  “Train the Trainer” workshop with their staff for the 6-week youth summer program focused on  – What is your Sanctuary - connected to AGM’s temporary exhibition on Sanctuary. The AGM educators were introduced to #MeWe International philosophy and methodology, including pedagogical tools through a 4hour bespoke training workshop and then lead the summer program cascading this methodology and some exercise with their youth groups. 

In July 2020, #MeWeIntl training to 4 educators and 2 staff at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. The #MeWeIntl training and program was customised to serve children and youth between the ages of 8-16 years old attending a summer arts camp at the Aga Khan Museum. 6 community members were trained, and these trainees reached approximately 30+ children and youth part of the summer camp.

#MeWeIntl Global Projects

U.S. State Department

As part of a grant with the U.S. State Department in 2018, #MeWeIntl were tasked to directly lead multiple three-day workshops to groups of 30-60 youth leaders across five countries, totaling more than 160 young leaders and activists. Each workshop in each country was customized to address a pressing social issue: Moldova-Corruption, Tajikistan-Countering Violence, Mexico-GBV and Inequality, Honduras-Migration, Ecuador-Inequality. Youth leaders from the workshops enhanced their communications and leadership skills to propel their community innovations and projects. Young leaders were also introduced to communications tools to enhance psychological wellbeing.

#MeWeIntl Global Projects

General Motors x Ashoka

ASHOKA builds and cultivates a community of change leaders around the world who transform institutions and cultures so they support changemaking for the good of society.

#MeWeIntl was invited to host a session about the power of telling your story for positive change, with ASHOKA, supported by General Motors, and the honorable, Greta Thumberg, and Dr. Jane Goodall. Over the 4 hour session, #MeWeIntl led 2 exercises  with 25 teams of remarkable youth, between the ages of 14-18 in the US who are using Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic ( STEM) to solve the most pressing problems around the environment and sustainability.

#MeWeIntl Global Projects

T-Mobile x Ashoka

From 2017-2020, Ashoka Youth Venture invited #MeWeIntl to design and facilitate a series of 1/2 day workshops on the science of communication, storytelling and community building for finalists of T-Mobile’s national Changemaker Challenge. #MeWeIntl supported more than 180 youth with communications skills-building and storytelling interventions that culminated in live pitches from young social entrepreneurs to T-Mobile CEOs and executives.

#MeWeIntl Global Projects

Visionary Leadership Program, Ashoka Europe

#MeWeIntl co-designed and co-facilitated multiple 2.5 day workshops for more than 60 social entrepreneurs and CEOs from across Europe. The customized workshops supported social entrepreneurs with tools and experiences to elevate their community messaging, unleash their personal changemakers journeys, and improve their writing and public speaking.

#MeWeIntl Global Projects

#MeWeIraq x Mosul Org for Development 

#MeWeIraq x Mosul Org for Development  Through a partnership with Mosul Organization for Development, #MeWeIntl led two 4-day training of trainers sessions for more than 40 young leaders and survivors of war and forced displacement from Mosul and Nineveh. Trainings were conducted in Erbil, and focused on communications tools for psychological wellbeing, perspective taking, goal-setting, and community building.

Trainings incorporated daily practices in meditation and yoga with expert Michelle Girard of ThirdiParadigm. Iraqi youth trained in the program went on to mobilize their peers in Mosul and lead localized #MeWeIraq hubs to Iraqi students at local universities and children at centers for youth with physical impairments.

#MeWeIntl Global Projects