In 2021, #MeWeIntl is partnering with Albany State University (ASU) of Georgia to bring programming to over 1500 youth and families across 15 counties.

ASU was awarded a grant from the Healthy and Human Services (HHS) Office of Population Affairs (OPA) of the United States Government to conduct a 3-year long program in Southwest Georgia.

#MeWeIntl was invited by ASU to lead youth and community programming across multiple counties in SW Georgia, with a primary goal of improving adolescent health in a region ravaged by COVID-19, high poverty rates, and higher than average teen pregnancy and STI rates. 

Upon further research, previous studies on teen pregnancies showed that among the most important factors for preventing new teen pregnancies or repeated teen pregnancieswas parental and peercommunication networks and spaces. Research also shows that teen parents, particularly women suffer from low self esteem.

For #MeWeGeorgia, #MeWeIntl is customizing its communications and storytelling tools and trainings to equip at risk youth and young parents with tools to enhance their Psychosocial Wellbeing (emotion regulation, perspective taking, goal-setting) and Agency (communications skills and self-representation). 

#MeWeIntl is applying its learning journey model to SW Georgia by leading the following four phases for at-risk and vulnerable youth and caregivers in Southwest Georgia:

1. Community needs assessment and co-creation Direct Service programming Training the trainers (Training youth, educators, parents, and nurses on how to lead their own #MeWeGeorgia hubs)

2. Community Ownership (Local partners and community facilitators own the tools and IP of developed and co-created with the community in Georgia)

This program is projected to reach 18 counties in Southwest Georgia & 1500 youth and caregivers over 2 years 2021-2023

Partner & Funder

Albany State University (ASU) of Georgia

A historically black institution led by highly-diverse faculty and staff, Albany State University embraces diversity in all its forms – including age, gender identity, race and ethnicity, country of origin, religion, ability level, sexual orientation, and veteran status – and seeks to foster a similar acceptance and celebration of that diversity. ASU’s guiding principles are to:  Aspire to Excellence, Embrace Diversity, Expand Access to Higher Education, Elevate Historically Underserved Population, and Promote Economic Development.

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