In 2019, Human Rights Initiative of North Texas (HRI) invited #MeWeIntl to pilot #MeWeTexas for its youth councils and caregivers, with a focus on supporting their mental health and improving their communications skills as a way to amplify their community engagement and leadership.

In 2020, the Global Pandemic required a shift in programming from in-person to virtual. #MeWeTexas led a pilot Hub with their youth council members, and participated in publishing a billboard in Georgia as part of #MeWeIntl’s partnership with ForFreedom’s WideAwake2020 campaign.

For 2021, #MeWeTexas will pilot the program with their Adult Cohort of immigrant and refugee community members in North Texas. They will  collaborate in a number of exercises with their youth representatives, and cross-country partners in Honduras and Mexico.  

Representation of Creative Content  will be a main goal |Throughout this year of pilot hubs, which could include 1-3 publications of community members work which could be in the form of a billboard, mini-documentary, stories in a digital book, and ongoing social media sharing for representation of the intervention locally, state-wide, and nationally. 


Human Rights Initiative of North Texas ( HRI)
HRI provides legal and social services to immigrants who are survivors of human rights abuses from all over the world. Our courageous and resilient clients are eligible to apply for legal status under the humanitarian provisions of United States immigration laws and policies: they are asylum seekers fleeing persecution; children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected; and victims of family violence and violent crimes. HRI’s Legal team partners with a network of almost 350 pro bono attorneys from top DFW firms and corporations to help clients access the U.S. Immigration System, and our Social Services team offers transitional support and referrals to help address trauma and ease the hardships of profound displacement. At HRI, our services are free, and all are designed to help forge a path to safety, stability, and opportunity.



#MeWeTexas Stories

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