#MeWeSyria in Lebanon

In 2016, #MeWeSyria was officially launched with partners DARB, a Turkish non-governmental organization and Mobaderoon, a non-governmental organization in Lebanon. #MeWeIntl led more than 8 community trainings of trainers sessions in Lebanon to more than 30 Syrian facilitators from Mobaderoon’s network.

#MeWeSyria in Lebanon

Similar to Turkey, additional specialized trainings offered skills-building on self-care, facilitation skills, and monitoring and evaluation. Thanks to more than 12 local Syrian facilitators trained by #MeWeIntl in Lebanon, including 2 Master Facilitators, and individual Syrian project managers, the #MeWeSyria program hosted by Mobaderoon has improved the communication skills and wellbeing of more than 800 refugees in Lebanon, including older women, mothers, and girls at women’s shelters. 

Since 2016, #MeWeIntl has provided local refugee organizations with more than 250,000.00 USD in subgrants to support our community-led activities and trainings in the region. 


in subgrants issued to community partners.


program participants from 2018-20

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QuOTE from Program participant

“I was going to join the military forces, I thought that this would be the way to find meaning in my life. I participated in #MeWeSyria by coincidence and the whole story has changed.. Something touched my soul and it was like I am meeting myself for the first time. After the training, I wanted to achieve my goals and they were not about any military, they were about me and my future self.”

16 year-old program participant
#MeWeSyria in Lebanon


A value-based network of social activists established in Syria since 2010. Mobaderoon Lebanon, based in Brumana, hosted and implemented #MeWeSyria trainings and community programs in Beirut, Shamoun, Bekaa, and other areas from 2016-May 2020. 


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