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In 2016, #MeWeSyria was officially launched with partners DARB, a Turkish non-governmental organization and its sister organization Mobaderoon, a non-governmental organization in Lebanon. Over the last 4 years, #MeWeSyria transitioned from a direct service media making program for at-risk refugee youth to a storytelling program enhancing psychological wellbeing and leadership skills for refugee youth and mothers.

#MeWeIntl has led more than 12 training of trainers sessions for Syrian refugee facilitators in Turkey. These trainings enhanced the leadership skills of more than 40 Syrian refugee youth and women. Today, more than 18 Syrian trainers, supported by #MeWeIntl, continue to lead #MeWeSyria programming across southern Turkey.

In 2020 and 2021, #MeWeSyria continues to grow with two women’s shelters and women-led community organizations where alumni and Syrian community facilitators of #MeWeSyria are cascading the program virtually throughout Gaziantep, Rehanliye, and Kilis. Our #MeWeSyria community heroes have successfully worked through the global pandemic and without disruption into a hybrid program, virtually and in-person. More than 70% of participants in #MeWeSyria in Turkey are refugee girls, women, and mothers. 

#MeWeIntl continues to provide our Syrian network of facilitators with specialized trainings and tools for self-care, media making, and community facilitation skills. 

Since 2016, #MeWeIntl has provided local refugee organizations with more than 250,000.00 USD in subgrants to support our community-led activities and trainings in the region.


program in subgrants issued to community partners.  





"We must use our voices and write our stories to share them from our perspective.
Sharing our stories brings us tremendous strength and makes us unbreakable people.” 

#MeWeSyria program participant


DARB Organization
Deepening Awareness, Restoring Bridges (Huzur yolu) is a Turkish non-governmental organization, in Gaziantep with the aim to deepen awareness and restore peace bridges among different local communities.

By operating toward the vision of being a platform for sharing experiences and resources, which enables individuals and communities to take their roles, and create a common space for development and live in peace.

DARB is a value based organization, it works under five core values: Diversity, participation, common achievement, being part of the whole and converting words into actions).

DARB remain a valued #MeWeIntl partner in the region, and hosted and implemented #MeWeSyria trainings and community activities from 2016-May 2020.
Zenobia Association for Syrian Women
A licensed non-governmental, non-profit association established in 2016, in Gaziantep, Turkey, registered to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs leading humanitarian response in Syria and Turkey. They focus on protection and psychosocial support programs to launch initiatives aimed at enhancing the status and resilience of women in the Syrian interior and in countries of asylum and their vision is to see women as the active influence in their families and communities.

Zenobia believes that the inherent capabilities of the Syrian woman qualify her to be an honorable leader which raises the capabilities of societal influences through women, where awareness is transmitted and empowerment is promoted in society.
Women Support Association (WSA)
This Turkey-based organization works to strengthen refugee women and girls empowerment, rights and services, through guiding and focusing on the empowerment and training of women and promoting awareness-raising among women and men to increase their contribution and activate their role in the process of sustainable development and peaceful coexistence.

WSA’s vision is Building better life for women and the mission of WSA is to Empower women to be able to address their own problems and solve these problems in dignity and in the best way. WSA has established an initiative in Kilis as a safe space for women and girls , called SALAM community center for women and girls. In this center protection and empowerment services are provided, especially for women who have experienced gender-based violence, to develop prevention mechanisms and provide support.  Additionally this center ( along with others) were designed to provide multiple services, such as but not limited to: protection – legal – shelter – livelihood – informal education and empowerment, for Syrian and Turkish women and girls.



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