Alumni Methodology Videos

1 — Frame up of #MeWeIntl Methodology
2 —  Systems of the Brain - Elephant and Rider
3 — Chronic Stress & the Brain
4 — #MeWeintl Hero Journey, Power of Why, F to P


1. Frame up of #MeWeIntl Methodology  

In this video, you will learn how #MeWe is a communications skills-building methodology and targets the psychological wellbeing and leadership. Through internal, interpersonal and public communications exercises, #MeWe promotes self-expression and self-awareness as starting points for building change in oneself, and then in the community.  

2. Systems of the Brain - Elephant and Rider

In this video, you will learn about how the brain communicates with the body, and how this communication influences our body language, physical and mental health, and our decision making. We will also go through exercises where we will try and reclaim control of our own stories, and learn from the stories of your peers, through storytelling exercises related to overcoming challenges, setting goals, and taking in different perspectives.

3. Chronic Stress & the Brain

Stress is a form of internal communication that can shift how the  brain and body interact with one another, and this shapes how a person navigates his or her environment and circumstances within it. In this video, you will have more information on how our body process stress and through  this understanding participants will develop stronger communication with their bodies and themselves during stress.

4. #MeWeintl Hero Journey, Power of Why,
F to P

This set of creative writing and video blogging exercises aim to enhance the agency (internal power) and leadership potential of a participant by offering an opportunity to identify their responsibility pursuing goals/objectives in their lives more that they find more meaningful and fulfilling than fear, suffering,or anxiety.

These exercises support effective communication through increasing awareness and useof common story structures used to inspire and influence change, behaviors, and cultures. The common story structure in this case is the hero’s story structure, which promotes overcoming challenges, and communicating a message to a community. Facilitators in this exercise will introduce the importance of story structure, and how understanding story structures will support moreeffective communication. Participants will learn about story structures andpatterns, and apply the structure to a hero story where they are the hero andmain character.