Facilitator Skills Videos

1 — Facilitation Skills & Principles
2 —  Communication Skills & Principles
3 — Activities 1-8 Overview (including cross the line)
4 — Heartmaze and Self-support strategies
5 — Breathing and Body Mapping
6 — Self-care
7 — Perspectives


1. Facilitation Skills & Principles

In this video, you are going to know what makes facilitating #MeWeIntl programs special and will learn about the required the special facilitation skills inthe program.

Always remember, you are offering the safe space of self-expression and self-awareness and you will learn more in this video how to do so. You will also know the important considerations and principles facilitating the #MeWeintl programs.

2. Communication Skills & Principles

In this video, you will learn about communication skills from the perspective of#MeWeIntl.

What makes communication powerful and effective? How does our braincommunicate to us? This video will review all related topics.

3. Breathing and Body Mapping

This video highlights the essential steps for breathing exercise including the frame up, which is an important step before guiding the participants into the exercise. Remember, the success of the breathing depends on the repetition and making routine and the purpose of this routine is to strengthen the muscles of internal communication with our bodies and sensations.  

This exercise promotes controlled breathing, listening to one’s body, and communicating back to your body positive, strength-based messages. This exercise should be introduced on the 1st session, by first introducing controlled breathing techniques, and then performed every day at the beginning of each session. Experience with this exercise shows that routine practice improves participants’ performance over time. With repeated practice at the beginning of each session, participants reported greater comfort and ease with controlled breathing, and relaxation and strength.

4. Self-care

This video is for you, on how to develop your self-care and self-knowledge and remember to protect and support yourself before the other. Your work as afacilitator is not easy and it is very important to build this knowledge for self-care for you as a facilitator before cultivating these concepts with your community.

5. Activities 1-8 Overview (including cross the line)

This video will take you to the important tips and hints on the first 8 exercises of the original curriculum and will guide you through the important concept of this group of exercises.

Most of the time, our bodies are automatically reacting to things and we are unaware of why. Under stress or anxiety endured on a daily basis, it is easy to be disconnected to what we are physically feeling and where. This is why in #MeWeintl focus on body language and awareness of body senses as a starting point for communications skills-building and healing. If we are to reclaim control of our life’s story, it is important to start with internal communication, and building awareness and familiarity with what our minds and bodies are communicating to us on a daily basis.

6. Heartmaze and Self-support Strategies

This video will guide you to the important steps and facilitation tips facilitating the heart maze exercise including how to walk into the steps. After watching this exercise, you will learn how to guide the participants to think of the self-support strategies and to come over their personal challenges.  

In times of stress or fear, sometimes we may forget there is a hero, or problem solver, or power inside of all us that can help us overcome challenges. Every day we encounter things that may require to overcome challenges, sometimes bigor small. Each and every one of us a living example of this. One step to reconnect with the power inside of us is build awareness and express the daily strategies and actions we take with our minds and bodies to overcome challenges. With the ‘Heart’s Maze’ exercise, we aim to build deeper awareness and appreciation for the health and abilities of our bodies and our senses in helping us not just to survive, but to also overcome challenges, achieve goals, and change the storylines of our day to day lives.

7. Perspectives

In this video, you will learn why perspective taking is important and how we define perspective in #MeWeIntl. Finally, will learn the main tips and steps facilitating the perspective exercises.