Future to Present

By Yuli, #MeWeHonduras 2020 participant

Yuli I have decided to send you this letter to let you know all the tings you will have got in the next `10 years. 

You will have culminated your two degrees and you will have a job that makes you happy, you will get to enjoy what you love. You will be married to a man who love Jehova and who loves you profoundly. Together you will have saved and bought a house in a beautiful village ( but they don’t use latrines because they scare you).  As a married couple you serve Jehovah, only seasonally, then you will return to the city, to your home, to visit your relatives. Your parents will be happy for your brother and for you, for all that you have achieved and even more for being good people, with beautiful feelings. You will be very happy to meet your nephew, your brother's first child. And the whole family will go for a walk together, only some occasions because your siblings will be very busy and will not have much time. But you will still enjoy those moments. You will learn to cook new recipes, you will know how to drive a car and a motorcycle. You and your husband will have your own house, which will be simple but cozy; you will feel a warm and pleasant atmosphere for people who will visit you. And you will be happy because your parents will be there to give you advice and help you come to your senses when you are stubborn.

#MeWeHonduras sTORIES