A Letter to Myself from the Future

By Marcela

I spent a lot of time building what I am today, it is likely that we still need growth and experiences to live, but there I am calm because I am sure that I have given you the best I could. I know that for a while I neglected you but when it was necessary I regained my health and began to request what may have been the most difficult to overcome and that to this day, I may continue to reproach myself, I do what is in my power to be standing up, yes, my infinities and emotions, I keep dreaming even though I know that at this point I am doing what I have personally and professionally desired. I have the certainty that there is nothing more valuable than my health, that I must be well because, for my family, for my students, the music school bears my fruits of labor every day and seeing my students grow up accompanied by their guitar is the most important achievement and satisfaction that I can have, I know that I will mark their lives in a posthumous way; follow your instincts, that is the way, never stop dreaming.


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