My Meeting

By Jose, #MeWeMexico 2020 participant (narrative exercise submission)

The absence of this contingency made my day continue with the role that I had been playing, with my established activities, my work, school, activities at home, I would conclude with my daughters, I have almost two months without seeing them; But especially if this contingency did not exist, it would not have been with me, I have lived alone for seven years and I had never stayed at home for so long without seeing  friends and my daughters.

Learning always exists with each experience and in this occasion, I understand the importance of being with me, of enjoying myself and I must continue to know what I am, to be thankful for everything I have, that even though I am sick, I feel fine.

I have understood that continuing with my objectives helps me to please myself and enjoy who I am, that is how I will continue, not only with an expectation but with an objective in my being.

Today is my big day to thank for life, to enjoy and above all to love me, I will do that because I have done before.

That's what this leaves me with, and I've learned from contingency.


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