Narrative exercise about systems of the brain

By Itzel, #MeWeMexico 2020 participant

My name is Yousra and this is my last competition to be a champion. My heart explodes with emotion but my brain seems to speak to me, one part of my brain (1) tells me to move my arms faster and another part of my brain (2), reminds me that I must wait and do it safely. Part one pressures me to win because it is what I want, and part two tells me that all results will be fine. I feel my head explode but, I pay attention to both parts to win; part one tells me, hurry up! And part two speaks to me so beautifully that I don't know who to pay attention to. The pressure and desire of part one makes me a little closer to winning but the tranquility and patience of part two makes me win something better - Control of my own body and being.

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