The Traveler

By Marcela, #MeWeMexico 2020 Participant (narrative exercise submission)

This air is not harmful, I can shed my suit, little by little and with great fear I recognize the objects that surround me, I hear the creaking of these giant objects that are behind me, it seems that they are in a great conversation. It may be that they are trying to get rid of me, I stand firm, hours have passed and there is no effect, I must continue exploring, apparently the giants have no plans for me, I can perceive infinite smells and colors, my senses have never had So much work, it seems like a quiet place, I have never before known such a friendly place, a place that allows me to move without wings, where I am not a hostage or need authorization to exist, I hope the beings that live here are worthy of such beauty and gratitude, I hope all this dimension that I feel is the environment that gathers in the spirit of its inhabitants, a place like no other, multiple sunsets, infinite smells, unprecedented textures, a hidden treasure in this vast universe.


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