Future to Present (Bayan)

#MeWeSyria in Turkey participant Bayan shares her response to the #MeWeIntl "Future to Present" exercise.

Peace on you. How are you Bayan. I am greeting you in the way you love. The piece that you wished everyone to have

You always loved the saying: oh god you have the peace and peace comes from you. I want to tell you that I love you so much. 

I am very proud of you. We are now in 2026 and I want to congrats you all the different situations that you were able to deal with wisely. Good job for overcoming all the challenges that you had. Do you remember me we program that you really loved! Do you remember how it supported you to communicate with yourself and your spirit and better with people. You are now purer, wiser and have more awareness. You have a lot of inner peace. You were able to achieve all the goals that you have set in 2021. you were able to learn English and Turkish language together. You are supporting people around you as much as you could I wanna congrats you thank you and good job for everything you have done. I wanna tell you that I am very proud of you Bayan you are such a real hero I wish you all the best and the blessing that you love and you say that life is nothing without it. I wish you are closer to god who you love and he loves you. I wish you the happiness of the universe. I love you, stay strong by the strength of god. Salam