Present Hanan speaks to future Hanan.

Hanan speaks to her future self.

English Translation:

Hanan in 2028 will start with some things that she really wants to tell to Hanan in 2018 Who suffers from a lot of worries and problems and she does not know how to overcome all of them:

I really want to tell you that all of these things that you’re worried about are what kept you standing so far and made you feel so good like this as if nothing had happened 

You overcame all these difficulties 

You didn’t just passed them but you really faced them and some times you ran away but it was so brave to accept the idea of running away some times 

You got smarter ,more aware and more experienced 

you became more tolerant and forgiving 

Full of confidence and love

I really don’t want you to forget all these things 

During these ten years, you have lived with these challenges and learned how to be more reconciled with yourself and with others too

And how these people and this community and all these ideas won’t make such huge bubble anymore

The bubble that contains everything together and will explode and you don’t know how to deal with it

It didn’t explode and it won’t !

It just turned step by step to new hanan 

Crystallized in a more beautiful way more simple and clear 

She can express freely she can express with the freedom that she talks about

Hanan who fought and struggled for ten years 

Hanan who kept the revolution in her heart

No matter how long it took and whatever has happened she continued to move

Hanan who never imagined that she would live for thirty years

Even now when she is 19 she doesn’t want to live more

Just imagine you are thirty and 10 years before you didn’t imagine that you could live 10 years!

And all these problems will continue 

But you have succeeded in reconciling with all of them

You opened your heart and that is enough 

My heart is with you 

And i love you ... so much 

And always always always i want you to know how to reconcile with everything and to get rid of this stress and fear 

I don’t know if there’s a hatred but get rid of it too

Trust people surrounding you , there are many of who deserve to be trusted 

And even who weren’t be worth trusting when you trust them many things will change in your life 

Thank you 

Bye hanoneh