Tree Exercise 2021

Here is the morning sun slithering from among the trees, shining again. The trees are soaked with fresh drops, and here I am drinking my coffee. I listen to the birds singing and the rustle of the trees. They talk to each other and are in tune with the sunlight. I heard two trees chatting with each other, one of them saying to the second what a beautiful morning the sun rises again and the spring is waving from afar and the other responded I am very happy about the arrival of spring. The sun of today is a warm sun that gives me hope and happiness. Our orchard is large and produces abundant fruit. The other responds: Yes, my friend, it is time for our production. We trees are known for generosity. We give useful and nutritious fruits and purify the air. We also give the land a beautiful view. All beings benefit from our production. Only our branches, but even the leaves and fruits. We are the trees, a blessing from the grace of the Most Merciful . We are the green tribe. Our motto is peace. We have faith and we are grateful.

Thumbnail photo by Verteezy